Meet Zachariah!


About Stillwater Cinematography

Zachariah brings many talents together to create the magic of Stillwater Cinematography. Beginning as a DJ, then a Electronic Musician, Photographer, Computer Tech and now a Cinematographer and Editor. Zachariah blends his technical talents with the sensitivity of an Artist. Zachariah now works together with his team of Creative Professionals to serve Love and Goodness around the World. His mission is to create Films that will be cherished and adored by loving families now, and for generations to come.

About Zachariah

Before making Films, my passion was with Music. I loved how music could uplift us anytime, anywhere and bring us together. Now, I am able to bring together my love of Music with Filmmaking. My goal is to capture the real moments as they happen and then carefully take all those little moments… of beginnings, connections and joy… to be joined with Music! I live for being around happy people! I hope you enjoy the amazing couples that we have had the pleasure of working with! If you are Sweet, then I’m sure that I would like to meet you!

Lovingly and Joyously, We wish you much Love, Peace and Respect!

Zachariah Stowasser and the team at Stillwater Cinematography