About Us { Zachariah and Stillwater Cinematography }

Stillwater Cinematography is here to share the Goodness of this world! We enjoy creating art for that inspires Positive Energy and Love! Our mission is to create beautiful entertainment to be cherished and adored for generations to come!

The Magic of Stillwater Cinematography began when Zachariah began sharing what inspired him! From the Epic Nature of the Canyons of Zion to the tropical isle of Kauai, he followed his passion for sharing the amazing feelings he would experience! Love is good!


We believe the world will one day work together and find peace. We believe it is our destiny to expand into our Galaxy and the entire Universe. The Love that we have in our families now, is the foundation of the future!

We believe in being the change we wish to see the world.  We are choosing to be a positive and peaceful force in this world!  Life is good!

About Zachariah

Zachariah-Bio-2Before making Movies, my passion was with Music. I loved how music could uplift us anytime, anywhere and bring us together. Now, I am able to bring together my love of music with filmmaking. My goal is to share the authentic moments that happen when people connect together.

I live for being around happy people!

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With Love, Zachariah and the Team at Stillwater Cinematography