Mendocino’s Birds Of A Feather Shoot

Wendy’s passion is not only photography, but also jewelry! She learned to make metal jewelry by hand while she was gaining her Crafts Degree in Orange County. So, it goes to say she Loves hand made jewelry. Enter her new good friend, Chiah Rodriques with Birds of a Feather Custom Jewelry. She has passion for creating unique jewelry and loves to incorporate natural elements. The women gathered up friends here on the Ranch and had a good time in the woods!

Meet Chiah Rodriques the Artist!

Feelin’ It

We took our new toys to the skate park. Made some new friends and caught up with Zach’s old buddy Ki! The first skater is John Lucas – Great guy, great skater too!

Music: Teen Daze – Spin Around, Go Ahead. The whole album is inspiring, please buy a copy!! –

A Collection of Motion Pictures

Over the last year we have been taking our camera with us on our Adventures! We were experimenting with our camera and also with editing styles. We learned a lot through the making of this. Most of the pictures were taken near our home of Morro Bay, California with the obvious exception of the waterfalls over at Yosemite (just a short 3 hour drive up highway 41!!)

Music: Hybrid’s “Until Tomorrow” – Please check out their music and buy some!