Dan + Jess | The Highlight Film { Vine Hill House in Sebastopol }

We are so happy that Dan + Jess found each other! They are an incredible couple, which is easy to say when you see their Wedding Film! Wendy and I are both dog people, so we were excited to learn that they were dog people as well! On their wedding day, they had their two dogs, Ducky and Jonah join them for their ceremony! So sweet! We had an outstanding time working alongside the amazing Kristy from Volatile Photography. She is the real deal. Fun, creative and easy going… Thanks for taking the time to enjoy the sweet romance…

Music from the Highlight Film:

The music was recorded live, as Jessica’s Dad is the Bass player in the band! They play Weddings…

Stills from the Highlight Film:

2 Responses to Dan + Jess | The Highlight Film { Vine Hill House in Sebastopol }

  1. Debbie Ross says:

    WOW – the most beautiful wedding ever!!!!!! So wonderful to re-live it.

    • zstowasser says:

      Wonderful to hear from you. Dan + Jess make us happy. We just had dinner with them along with Kristy and her new man … So much fun. Thanks for leaving a great comment. You are blessed with a stellar family! Cheers !

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