Julia + James | Wedding Film { Santa Margarita Ranch }

Julia + James King assembled a great team for their big moment at Santa Margarita Ranch. It was such a relaxed and easy going atmosphere, we felt like part of their family! Jen from Allure Events created the flowers and helped the day run smooth with plenty of smiles and enjoyment, we love her energy! Our friends Bremen Town were able to play a few covers for Julia + James during their ceremony and we used one of their live songs as performed during the reception for the Music Video!! Trumpet Vine helped us stay cool with snow cones and Ashley + Jason Maxwell were a dream to work with, we LOVED their team spirit and desire for creating epicness with us! Thanks for being so awesome!! Love, Zach + Wendy.

Helios – Halving the Compass
The Paper Kites – Woodland
Bremen Town – Thomas’s Jammies ( Live at Santa Margarita Ranch )

Our favorite Stills!

5 thoughts on “Julia + James | Wedding Film { Santa Margarita Ranch }

  1. Just lovely! Such wonderful memories of that special day! Zach and Wendy did an amazing job capturing the essence of these two terrific young people! Happy five-month anniversary, Jame and Julia! What a gift! Love Always, Candace (Mother of the Bride)

  2. What fun to see the beauty and love expressed on that special day again!! Thanks so much for including Gary and me in this blessed event! We want to see this video on the big screen! Love ya, Connie, Gary & Harley

  3. I just love it. It captures the perfect essence of the whole day!! What fun to have this video to relive all the big and small moments – each so special! Love the segment of the wedding, Julia’s interaction/conversation with the Marin and Savannah, and on a funny note…the enthusiastic throwing of hearts by our beloved Kelly Nichols! She really gets into it! Love it all!!! Thanks for including us in your epic day! Love to you both – Lady K

  4. Wow! This is AMAZINGGG! I love every bit of our wedding video. Thank you, thank you Zach and Wendy! We are so grateful to have such a wonderful, talented couple, like you, helping us to remember all the lovely details on that special day. So much love and gratitude, Julia

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