2018 will be our 8th year!

We know weddings.

the Wedding Film

Savor the romance.  Our editing style is a delicate craft process where we carefully select the best moments to create a complete story of the day and night. You can choose the music!

Includes: 10-13+ Minute Wedding Film and All Footage of 8 Hours


the Highlight Film

Short and Sweet! We carefully select the best of the best moments to share with your friends and family! You can choose the music! 

+Add on Film of Complete Vows & Toasts for $599.

Includes: Fun 4-6 Minute Highlight Film and All Footage of 6 Hours 


Photo & Video Package

We capture the day in a natural way, allowing the love & magic to emerge in a beautiful way!  Packages include 2 Shooters.

+Add an Engagement Session for $444.

Option 1 Includes: All the Best Photos, 4-6 Minute Film and All Footage of 7 Hours


Option 2 Includes: All the Best Photos, 8-10 Minute Film and All Footage of 8 Hours


the Full Package.

the Wedding Film, Aerial Cinematography and 2nd Shooter 

Includes: 10-13+ Minute Wedding Film, Aerial, 2nd Shooter and All Footage of 8 Hours


the Classic Full Packages

Short Film plus Long Film.

Option 1 Includes: Documentary Film of Ceremony and Reception, 1-2 Minute Highlight Film with One Cinematographer for 7 Hours


Option 2 Includes: Documentary Film of Ceremony and Reception and 1-2 Minute Highlight Film with Two Shooters for 8 Hours


Working within a Budget?

We can create a monthly payment plan for you.

$200-500/month with $500+ deposit

Please contact us and tell us what works for you!

Aerial Cinematography:

As an added option, we come in the day before to the venue to get amazing footage with our drone around sunset. During the wedding we will get sweet shots when time is available.


All Footage:

We carefully select all the best moments for your Wedding Film, however if you desire, you can see and hear everything that we recorded.  On your hard drive you will find the raw footage where you can see & hear your complete day and night!

The raw footage comes as individual clips.  If you want us to edit this together as one long file, we can do that for $199.

Included with every package.


You can add time to your package.

All packages include Zachariah as the Cinematographer unless noted.

$111/15min or $444/hr


You can add an extra shooter to your package.

$777 for 7hrs, $999 for 8hrs


Please contact us for prices and availability!


We are now offering packages by our team mate Kenny Dennis!  Kenny has been with Stillwater Cinematography for 2 Years and a full time professional editor & videographer for over 10 years.

Kenny’s Package:

Includes: 8-10 Minute Highlight Film and All Footage of 8 Hours

Shot and Edited by Kenny Dennis



Documentary Film Packages:

Because we choose the best moments to include in our Wedding Films, most people are happy with that as a complete story of the day.  We also include with every package the raw footage so you can see and hear everything.

However if you are looking for a traditional Full-Length Documentary Film of the Wedding, we offer these editing packages for you!

Price depends on length of events.  Please contact us for a quote.


{ Laugh and Cry with your Timeless Toasts!  }


Ceremony Film:

{ Relive on your Anniversaries Together! }


Ceremony + Toasts:

{ The Essential Family History. }


Ceremony + Reception:

{ See & Hear the Full Wedding! }


Contact us for a quote.

Family Video:

Capture the essence of this moment!

Relive and cry tears of joy as your family grows together!

Option 1 Includes: 4-6 Minute Highlight Film with Full Interview


Option 2 Includes: 8-10 Minute Highlight Film with Full Interview


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