2018 will be our 8th year!

We know weddings. Photo & Video packages now available!

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

the Wedding Film

Ten to Twelve Minute Wedding Film. A complete story of the day and night. You can choose the music! 

Includes: One Cinematographer for Nine Hours & All Raw Footage


the Extended Wedding Film

Twelve to Fifteen Minute Wedding Film with Two Cinematographers. You can choose the music! 

Includes: Two Cinematographers for Nine Hours & All Raw Footage


the Highlight Film

Five to Six Minute Highlight Film. The Best of the Best Moments. You can choose the music!

One Cinematographer for Eight Hours with All Raw Footage


Working within a Budget?

We can create a monthly payment plan for you.

$200-500/month with $500+ deposit

Please contact us and tell us what works for you!

Review from Maddie:

We Highly recommend Zachariah !

It was the best decision and investment we ever made for our wedding and these memories will last a life time and to be passed down to our children!!!

Aerial Cinematography:

As an added option, we come in the day before to the venue to get amazing footage with our drone around sunset. During the wedding we will get sweet shots when time is available.


All Footage:

We carefully select all the best moments for your our Highlight & Wedding Films, however if you desire, you can see and hear everything that we recorded.  Included in every package is a usb hard drive that includes a copy of the raw footage.  These are quicktime files of each individual movie clip.  The hard drive comes formatted for Mac.

Included with every package.


You can add time to your package.

$400/hr or $200 for 30min 

Photo & Video Packages

We capture the day in a natural way, allowing the love & magic to emerge in a beautiful way!  

Option 1: Photos & Highlight Film

Includes: Two person team ( Zachariah + Teammate ) for nine hours


Option 2: Photos, Highlight Film & 3rd

Includes: Three person team ( Zachariah + 2 Teammates ) for nine hours


the Classic Packages

Option 1: Highlight + Ceremony

Includes: the Highlight Film plus Ceremony Film with One Cinematographer and Eight Hours Coverage.


Option 2: Highlight + Ceremony + Toasts + 2nd

Includes: the Highlight Film plus Ceremony & Toasts Films with Two Cinematographers and Eight Hours Coverage.


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