We have been in business for over 6 years now and we are so grateful to be able to create a work of art to be cherished for generations to come.  Please take a look at our offerings and if you would like a custom package please let us know!

// the Highlight Film Package //

Our classic film.

You can choose the music. The best moments in 8-10 minutes.

Includes the Raw Footage to see and hear all the moments plus our favorite Stills on a Hard Drive

Two Cinematographers for 8 Hours: $4400

One Cinematographer for 8 Hours: $3400

People have been asking for ways to save money so we are now offering a One Cinematographer package shot by Zachariah. The films still come out amazing.   But having a 2nd Cinematographer allows us to get more coverage and not risk missing any candid moments that happen at a wedding!  The above film was shot by Zachariah and includes Aerial Coverage.  Another option to save cost is to reduce the number of hours of coverage.

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Traditionally there has been a long-form film made of weddings and more recently the music video style has become more normal.  We call the music video style a Highlight Film.  We can still make long-form documentary films of the Ceremony and/or the Reception if that is what you desire.

We can also edit just the Toasts and/or the Vows if those are important to you.  Keep in mind that with the raw footage you will receive everything we record, so you can hear the toasts, but since it is a wedding and things happen randomly, the camera on a tripod may move around abruptly if someone moves unexpectedly.  And the recording is broken into smaller clips by the camera. By having us edit all the camera clips and different angles together with the audio recording from the DJ makes it a polished and easy to view Film.

We also offer Aerial Cinematography as an option, we come in the day before to the venue and get amazing footage around sunset.  During the wedding we will get a few shots of the Reception during Cocktail Hour.  If there is extra time set up in the schedule we can get a few shots of your Ceremony as well.

// the Ceremony Film //

Full Length Documentary Film Package of Ceremony & Reception

8 Hours with Two Cinematographers: $2800

See more Full-Length Samples

// the Family Film //

5 Hours of Fun with Zachariah: $2200

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