2017 Marks our 7th Season, thank you for considering us to create excellence for you!

// Wedding Highlight Film //

Our classic Film.

The best moments carefully chosen and set to music. You can choose the music. Includes all raw footage so you can see & hear the full Ceremony & Toasts.

// Prices //

Wedding Highlight Film with 9 Hours of Coverage: $4400

Wedding Highlight Film with 8 Hours of Coverage: $4000

Wedding Highlight Film with 7 Hours of Coverage: $3600

( Includes Still Pictures and all Raw Footage )

// 2nd Cinematographer //

All weddings are shot & edited by Zachariah. The fist film on this page is with 2 Cinematographers ( +Kenny Dennis ) and the film above is with Zachariah only.

Add on a 2nd Cinematographer with 9 Hours for $1100, 8 Hours for $900, or 7 Hours for $700.

// Associate Package //

We are now offering a Highlight Film package shot and edited by Kenny Dennis. Kenny has been with Stillwater Cinematography for 2 Years and a full time professional editor & videographer for 15 years, working with the now closed Thomas Hughes Films.

Kenny Dennis Highlight Film with 7 Hours of Coverage: $2400

// the Raw Footage //

Evertyhing that we record is all there. The Full Toasts, Ceremony, Reception and all the candid moments. Comes on a USB Hard Drive in Quicktime clips formatted for Mac OS. Enjoy discovering cute and sweet moments, heart warming and laugh out loud toasts, funky dance moves, and more! We can edit it all together for you if you desire.

// Aerial Cinema //

As an added option, we come in the day before to the venue to get amazing footage around sunset. During the wedding we get sweet shots when time is available. +$550

// the Ceremony Film //

We can create a polished film of your full Ceremony. Great to relive your Wedding together! +$1200

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// the Family Film //

Adventure together for the day and send messages to your children!

Family Film: $2800