Soquel + Kurtis | Highlight Film { Santa Margarita Ranch }

Soquel + Kurtis! We can’t help but to feel the LOVE when we are around these two! What an honor and a blessing to have been able to be a witness their BIG day! The world is going to be a better place because these two are together! True LOVE is SO GOOD!

Jon Hopkins – The Wider Sun
Lord Huron – Time to Run


One Response to Soquel + Kurtis | Highlight Film { Santa Margarita Ranch }

  1. Mary Blythe Howland says:

    Zachary, this is amazing work! What a wonderful video you have created. I have posted you on my facebook. I know that Sean will love it too. I plan to show it to him when he gets home. Jonathan forwarded it tome so I have just watched it> All I can say is WOW. You captured it all! love, Aunt Blythe

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